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Download a free, previously unheard, Chris Wood track




Some of you may know that Hidden Masters has been working for the past two+ years on a major Chris Wood retrospective.

We’re very close now to crossing all the Ts and dotting all the Is that’ll allow us to start the pre-ordering process which, as usual, we’ll be collaborating with on.

In the meantime…  to register your interest, just click the link above and, once you’ve signed up, there’s a free download at the end of it.

The track is called A Song For Pete and is one we lucked-out on finding about eighteen months ago – it was discovered on one of two 1/4″ reels which had been gathering dust under a pile of other tapes for 35+ years in a dimly lit corner of an old barn. Yes, discoveries are sometimes made like that.

And… those two reels comprise Chris’s solo album as he and engineer Terry Barham sequenced it at Island’s Hammersmith studios – The Fall Out Shelter – on October 1st, 1978.


The Chris Wood retrospective is entitled Evening Blue and, just as soon as we’re able to, we’ll announce the pre-ordering details.


Listen to new tracks by the Distractions


In a small studio in CambridgeFM105’s building, Dave Hammond aka Smelly Flowerpot commandeered worldwide communication technology…. ok, Skype… with singer Steve Perrin in Melbourne in Oz, and Neil Storey. Live on air, Storey surprised not only Perrin and Hammond but a few listeners to hearing tracks from the Distractions new album package Parobolically Yours.

Did you miss the radio show? Here is it

The Smelly Flowerpot on Cambridge 105: The Distractions/Hidden Masters/Michael Robshaw by Daveyhammond on Mixcloud

Heads, Hands & Feet

Work is now – officially – underway for a first-time-ever full-scale retrospective of one of Britain’s most celebrated bands – Heads, Hands & Feet.

The set is to be developed in collaboration with the surviving members of the group.

It is probable that R&D will take the better part of a year to eighteen months leading to a (projected) release date of Spring 2016.

HH&F 2 MM Gig Ad June 19 1971

Jess Roden on The Modcast


Episode 32 of The Modcast – featuring Jess and acclaimed writer (and former enfant-terrible of The NME) Ian Penman – is now live, here:

Pictured just after the pre-record are (l/r) Dean Rudland (presenter), Jess, Ian and Eddie Piller (presenter).

We’ve also donated a really special prize which’ll go to whoever in the world (HiddenMasters and The Modcast know no boundaries!) correctly answers the question that Jess poses about halfway through the show.

And the prize is?

Not just a signed copy of the JR Anthology… but… to make it a truly special prize we’ve added in the artist’s proof of one of the pieces of art that were specially created for the Anthology. This is the artist’s proof of the Analog poster (only 30 were produced and they completely sold out within a couple of weeks of pre-ordering opening – and the 20×16 poster features many of the original analog tape boxes from which the whole Anthology was created).

And, since this is the artist’s proof, it is numbered 1 of 1. Equals, its a complete one-off. Plus… Jess has signed it as well.

Sneak preview of Gemma Hayes LIVE album…


Here’s a little sneak preview of Gemma’s new Live album (Night&Day) on YouTube:

This limited edition vinyl release features 10 live recordings from the Olympia Theatre and Crawdaddy in Dublin, and St Giles-in-the-Fields in London and is available to pre-order at:…. (Look for the LIVE vinyl album in the right hand blue sidebar.)

Each copy will be hand-numbered and signed by Gemma and pressed on 180g vinyl. The gatefold album package will include a download code as well as two 12″ art prints. Night&Day is pressed to order – so as soon as we have the last orders in – we will not make any more. Last date for ordering end of March 2014.

It’s just one of several special offerings that form part of Gemma’s PledgeMusic campaign for her new studio album which you can also pre-order via…

Gemma is in the final stages of recording that record and we are setting this up for release early Summer 2014.

Both albums are being issued via Gemma’s own label Chasing Dragons in association with HiddenMasters

Gemma Hayes – The Hot Press Awards


Gemma has been nominated in the ‘Best Female Artist’ category in the forthcoming Hot Press Awards.

Ireland’s The Hot Press – for those not in the know – has been the world’s most fortnightly music magazine since 1977.


The Distractions – digitisation now completed


Well… we finally did it! Digitisation of all-found is now complete.

Naturally we’ve been working with the expected 1/4″ and 2″ analog reels but also a bunch of cassettes which, quite honestly, were so layered in dust – having lain in un-looked-at boxes for decades – they had to be wiped clean so that the track-listings could be read.

And, as much as we didn’t want to resort to this, we’ve also worked off pristine vinyl since three or four tracks have ceased to survive in any other format – quite where those particular masters are is anybody’s guess… sadly, most probably long-since destroyed.

Now… the song selection process is underway and it is hoped that we’ll be able to announce the finalised track-listing to Parabolically Yours by the end of February.

Gemma Hayes – vinyl test pressings for Night&Day approved


Gemma (pictured) in the studio at FX in the midst of approving the vinyl cut of her forthcoming Live album – Night&Day.

Pictorially… a white label is… well… its a white label test pressing = doesn’t look particularly exciting, does it..?!?

But… actually… it really is… and certainly was… when we were all listening back the very first time.

‘cos – the warmth of vinyl – that old, well-worn phrase holds true.

Not sure how or why… but, something magical has happened… And, we all felt it on that first play-back – its like the music has, somehow, taken on an added dimension via what some might construe as an old-fashioned medium; a warmth and a depth that, somehow, just doesn’t translate digitally.

Are we excited about this? Just a little..!

Anyhow… manufacturing is now underway… which means we’re just a few weeks away from having the finished items ready to be sent out.

But… don’t forget, this album is a really special pressing – and is limited to pre-orders (via to 500 copies.


(pictures taken at FX courtesy of Simon Long / Gemma’s manager)

Inside Jess Roden’s Anthology – video

Presenting a video montage with snippets of music from The Jess Roden Anthology and showing a few of the exclusive pictures in the accompanying book, along with pictures of a load of old boxes… also known as Hidden Masters. If you’d like to order one of the last remaining copies, as there are now only a few left, place your order here.