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Jess Roden Anthology album at Amazon, only £230.96 – Bargain!


Alternatively you could buy Jess Roden’s Anthology from HiddenMasters for £65… there might be some buyers who want to spend that sort of money, after all, the album is a limited edition, and we only have about 50 left, so we can understand the panic… but £230, wow!!!

But if you’re looking for a cheaper version of the Anthology, there are two used versions available on Amazon – one for a mere £190 and another for £150. What bargains!!! Here’s the place where you can buy it from us for £65

It’s nice to hear that one of the albums for sale , the user has only played it once to put it digitally on his music system. Thats nice, but sadly as there were no digital licenses issued to Hidden Masters for the remastered tracks by the copyright holders, songwriters, of the major music companies – if the digital tracks were somehow distributed, the nice people who do have ownership of the songs, and who issued the CD audio licence only… well they might get a bit prickly.

Technology is great but not everything is for free.

Mike Harrison project

Planned as a limited 1st edition of just 500 copies, this is an in-development project and currently untitled. Harrison’s career long pre-dates Spooky Tooth (with whom he is most associated) and this career-defining retrospective will include recordings from The Ramrods (if such exist), The VIPs, Art, Spooky Tooth as well as Mike’s three solo Island albums together with selections from the never-released Junkyard Angel LP (most of the masters for which appear to have survived) as well as other studio outtakes and demos together with more recent recordings.

Picture research has just begun and the text commentary is planned to tell the stories behind the songs selected for inclusion. As is now standard for HiddenMasters first editions, the set will be presented in 12” hardback casebound format.

The Island Book of Records


The Island Book of Records (#IBoR) project documents the analog age of the coolest label on the planet.

IBoR cover demoIt comprises of 12 volumes – each 12”x12” (vinyl-sized) hardback edition detailing (approx.) 100 LPs, all sequentially presented by catalogue number.

Each LP is fully illustrated with scans of every front and back cover, inside sleeve, labels, inner bag or other inserts.

Within each volume, the LP / gig and tour adverts play an essential illustrative role – in many instances, these ads are long-forgotten pieces of art in their own right. Included are teaser / ¼ page / ½ page / full or double-page as survive from the likes of Melody Maker, NME, Sounds, ZigZag, International Times and UK editions of Rolling Stone, The Face, Q Magazine etc together with trade adverts from Record Retailer before it morphed into Music Week – as well as relevant shop display posters particular to an album’s release.

For the first time ever, accurate in-store dates will be appended to all releases. And, where known, LPs that were scheduled, yet for one reason or another, weren’t issued, are also included.

The text is edited by Paul Rees – a former editor of Q Magazine whose work has also appeared in The Sunday Times Magazine, The Telegraph and The Independent as well as Classic Rock. He is the author of the acclaimed Robert Plant biography published by HarperCollins in 2014. It comprises of the stories behind the albums told by those who were actually involved in the making of them – be they the artists themselves / graphic designers / photographers / producers / musicians / engineers or record company personnel of the time.

Already over three years in development, Volumes I, 2, 3 and 11 are now well advanced. To outline the scale – Volume 1 is currently at nearly 300 pages while Volume 2, with all those gatefold sleeves, is presently running at over 660 pages.

IF this archive isn’t collated as it should be and IF the recollections of those who were at the coalface at the time aren’t collected now, they probably never will be and a crucial span of music history will not be preserved for future generations.

Neil Storey, Hidden Masters

Download a free, previously unheard, Chris Wood track




Some of you may know that Hidden Masters has been working for the past two+ years on a major Chris Wood retrospective.

We’re very close now to crossing all the Ts and dotting all the Is that’ll allow us to start the pre-ordering process which, as usual, we’ll be collaborating with on.

In the meantime…  to register your interest, just click the link above and, once you’ve signed up, there’s a free download at the end of it.

The track is called A Song For Pete and is one we lucked-out on finding about eighteen months ago – it was discovered on one of two 1/4″ reels which had been gathering dust under a pile of other tapes for 35+ years in a dimly lit corner of an old barn. Yes, discoveries are sometimes made like that.

And… those two reels comprise Chris’s solo album as he and engineer Terry Barham sequenced it at Island’s Hammersmith studios – The Fall Out Shelter – on October 1st, 1978.


The Chris Wood retrospective is entitled Evening Blue and, just as soon as we’re able to, we’ll announce the pre-ordering details.


Listen to new tracks by the Distractions


In a small studio in CambridgeFM105’s building, Dave Hammond aka Smelly Flowerpot commandeered worldwide communication technology…. ok, Skype… with singer Steve Perrin in Melbourne in Oz, and Neil Storey. Live on air, Storey surprised not only Perrin and Hammond but a few listeners to hearing tracks from the Distractions new album package Parobolically Yours.

Did you miss the radio show? Here is it

The Smelly Flowerpot on Cambridge 105: The Distractions/Hidden Masters/Michael Robshaw by Daveyhammond on Mixcloud

Heads, Hands & Feet

Work is now – officially – underway for a first-time-ever full-scale retrospective of one of Britain’s most celebrated bands – Heads, Hands & Feet.

The set is to be developed in collaboration with the surviving members of the group.

It is probable that R&D will take the better part of a year to eighteen months leading to a (projected) release date of Spring 2016.

HH&F 2 MM Gig Ad June 19 1971

Jess Roden on The Modcast


Episode 32 of The Modcast – featuring Jess and acclaimed writer (and former enfant-terrible of The NME) Ian Penman – is now live, here:

Pictured just after the pre-record are (l/r) Dean Rudland (presenter), Jess, Ian and Eddie Piller (presenter).

We’ve also donated a really special prize which’ll go to whoever in the world (HiddenMasters and The Modcast know no boundaries!) correctly answers the question that Jess poses about halfway through the show.

And the prize is?

Not just a signed copy of the JR Anthology… but… to make it a truly special prize we’ve added in the artist’s proof of one of the pieces of art that were specially created for the Anthology. This is the artist’s proof of the Analog poster (only 30 were produced and they completely sold out within a couple of weeks of pre-ordering opening – and the 20×16 poster features many of the original analog tape boxes from which the whole Anthology was created).

And, since this is the artist’s proof, it is numbered 1 of 1. Equals, its a complete one-off. Plus… Jess has signed it as well.

Sneak preview of Gemma Hayes LIVE album…


Here’s a little sneak preview of Gemma’s new Live album (Night&Day) on YouTube:

This limited edition vinyl release features 10 live recordings from the Olympia Theatre and Crawdaddy in Dublin, and St Giles-in-the-Fields in London and is available to pre-order at:…. (Look for the LIVE vinyl album in the right hand blue sidebar.)

Each copy will be hand-numbered and signed by Gemma and pressed on 180g vinyl. The gatefold album package will include a download code as well as two 12″ art prints. Night&Day is pressed to order – so as soon as we have the last orders in – we will not make any more. Last date for ordering end of March 2014.

It’s just one of several special offerings that form part of Gemma’s PledgeMusic campaign for her new studio album which you can also pre-order via…

Gemma is in the final stages of recording that record and we are setting this up for release early Summer 2014.

Both albums are being issued via Gemma’s own label Chasing Dragons in association with HiddenMasters

Gemma Hayes – The Hot Press Awards


Gemma has been nominated in the ‘Best Female Artist’ category in the forthcoming Hot Press Awards.

Ireland’s The Hot Press – for those not in the know – has been the world’s most fortnightly music magazine since 1977.